About Democratic Republic of Congo

About Democratic Republic of Congo

The country is lost into a political crisis, that the facilitator of the African Union ‘’Edem Kodjo’’ and the Congolese episcopate have been trying to defuse by mediating between the government and the opposition parties. An agreement, signed on December 31st 2016, had introduced a transition period during which power would be co-managed by President Joseph Kabila and the opposition, until the presidential election in late 2017. The electoral calendar, published by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), subsequently decided to hold the presidential election in December 2018.

But the tension rises again as the elections approach. The debate is centered around the voting machine considered unconstitutional or a cheating machine, as well as the electoral form considered unreliable. The tensions are so great that one of the opposition part is threatening to boycott the elections, to appeal to civil disobedience and to organize demonstrations in all countries.

In addition, the border regions, specially to the east, North Kivu and South Kivu, are known to be rather unstable: many armed groups have been waging war there and spreading terror for many years.

In this context, peace and security in the Democratic Republic of Congo remains fragile and is a matter of concern.

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