Burundi: Canadian NGO ZOOM DPSP to fund youth regardless of party affiliation.

Burundi: Canadian NGO ZOOM DPSP to fund youth regardless of party affiliation.

THE BIG PICTURE: The Chair of the Executive Committee of the Permanent Dialogue Forum Authorized Political Parties in Burundi (FDP), Félicien Nduwuburundi, reported on Tuesday (March 5th) 2019, in a meeting with representatives of political parties, that a non-governmental organization Government of Canada Law, Dynamic for Peace, Security and Development (ZOOM DPSD) has promised to fund the supervision of young members affiliated or not with political parties.

Which aim?

The aim of this DPSD is to develop skills for promoting a culture of peace among young people,
of social cohesion and Community understanding, to develop, in particular, openness, acceptance
mutual inclusion and inclusion to live well together, and to encourage deep respect for human rights,
said Mr. Nduwuburundi, according to a Burundi Press Agency report.

According to the president of the FDP, ZOOM DPSD will soon send a technical team who will study, together with the FDP technical team, the outlines of this program and the modalities of its implementation.

Evoking that the intervention bases of this forum, he recalled that it is based on four bases, specifically the strengthening of the political party system, the ongoing dialogue on national issues, the participation in the improvement of the electoral process, regional integration and cooperation, Mr. Nduwuburundi reported.

Mr. Nduwuburundi said that he would find no problem working with the Canadian NGO ZOOM DPSD because its objectives are consistent with those of the FDP.

Political party representatives suggested that the training to be done in two groups, young boys or girls affiliated to political parties and those not affiliated to political parties, for good comprehension.

source : https://regionweek.com/burundi-canadian-ngo-zoom-dpsp-to-fund-youth-regardless-of-party-affiliation/

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