BURUNDI Situation

BURUNDI Situation

Zoom DPSD observes with great concern the evolution of the political climate in Burundi. While the Ugandan mediation, initiated in July 2015, is struggling to find solutions, the urgency remains real.

The longer the current political conflict lasts, the more fears, rancor and the risk of armed conflict will increase. Not to forget that since the beginning of the crisis, alongside the political opposition, there have been at least four rebel groups who have declared themselves to be fighting the Burundi government: FOREBU (Republican Forces of Burundi), RED-TABARA (Resistance for a State of Law) UPR (Union of Patriots for the Revolution) MPR – Abarundi (Popular Resistance Movement(.

Considering the flagrant failure of sub-regional mediation, there is an urgent need to revitalize mediation in order to take advantage of the available resources in the international and non-governmental organizations.

The involvement of non-state bodies in the peaceful resolution of the crisis could be an asset that would allow holding inclusive negotiations.

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