Hurray, this website is eco-friendly!

It’s powered by 100% renewable energy*.
This helps reduce its carbon emissions
and contributes to a healthier planet for you and future generations!

Green Hosting Certificate
Websites are powered by powerful computers (called servers) that are always on in large specialized buildings (called data centers). Servers require considerable amounts of electricity to operate and need constant cooling to prevent overheating. In most places, this electricity is produced by burning coal or other fossil fuels, which creates emissions that accelerate climate change.

In 2012, there were 500,000 data centers worldwide. In 2019 there are more than 8 million. This rapid growth has led experts to predict that data centers will make up 10% of global electricity usage by 2030, and generate more emissions than the entire airline industry.


Discover the Solution: Green Web Hosting

Powered by renewable energy

Our data centers are powered by hydroelectricity: a clean, sustainable source of energy.

Energy-efficient SSD storage

Your data gets stored on Solid State Drives, which use a fraction of the power needed by traditional mechanical storage.

Eco-friendly cooling

Our servers are temperature-controlled by outside air and water cooling technology, not energy-intensive air conditioning.


We help save trees by performing all our communications and billing electronically. No paper!

Green Certified

Our green efforts are verified and certified by the Green Business Bureau.

Green Badges

Let visitors know that your company cares about the environment with your own eco-friendly badge.