Our Missions

Zoom DPSD does not take sides. Its main focus is to serve as a liaison among the people in conflict. Zoom DPSD does not operate neither as a political organization, nor an ethnic based organization.

Interventions :


Zoom DPSD has put in place a group composed of Canadian Veterans of war, as well as Canadian intelligence team. All these individuals have been trained Through Peace Operations Training Institute of United Nations.

Train and Assist people in organizing electoral processes

Elections play a key role in any democracy. They help in managing conflicts and facilitating political reforms as well as promoting economic growth. The international community continues to support electoral processes in developing countries. They do this through diplomatic relations, lending technical and financial resources needed.

Dialog and peaceful conflict management

Dialog is one of the key elements for durable peace. The purpose of this dialog is to seek ways and mechanisms of facilitating conflict resolution between opposing groups. Dialog provides the opportunity to examine and evaluate causes of disagreement. Dialog makes it possible for the two opposing parties to learn and take into consideration each other’s interests. In this area, Zoom DPSD has put in places processes of dialog as follows:

  • Mediation, facilitation and coaching
  • Creating a conflict resolution team
  • The humanitarian dialogue, which aims to improve the engagement of parties in conflict zones with respect to humanitarian protection and the protection of civilians through increased humanitarian access.
  • Training local actors in peaceful conflict resolution

Economic Cooperation and sustainable development

The importance of facilitating the transition from relief to development following a large-scale conflict or natural disaster is widely recognized. However, we see a deficit in the ability to initiate and sustain a recovery process, leaving thousands of people without basic services and protection, often in displacement for years after the first emergency.

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90,100 Children in 120+ Countries.

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